Cannabis Tax Services

Tax Planning

Cannabis-businesses are unique in that they are legal in select states and municipalities, but federally illegal. Completing a canna-business tax return requires a specialist who understands the opportunities and potential pitfalls associated with the industry.

Tax Preparation and 280E Analysis & Strategy

We provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive tax services for businesses and individuals, including tax planning, tax return preparation, compliance with IRS regulations, and tax consultation throughout the year for all of your tax and financial related issues. Our knowledgeable professionals constantly study the tax code and changes in tax policies to ensure that you are in compliance with the law while receiving all of the deductions to which you are entitled. In addition, we assist you in developing long-range tax strategies to minimize your tax liabilities in the future.

IRS Audit and Defense

Our experienced tax professionals work with you to respond to any IRS letters or notices quickly and efficiently. We can assist you with any payment schedules that you may need to clear up, back taxes due, and obtaining a reduced tax bill if you meet the appropriate requirements. We will represent you with the IRS in case you are audited and we will help you prepare your tax documents for the audit.

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