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What an Eventful Night!

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NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Game 5 of the NBA Finals, it’s been an exciting day!

The first day of almost any conference is usually spent getting registered and ready to settle into the excitement of the days to follow.  Yesterday was different and it was bound to be, since the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit is in residence at the Oakland Marriott City Center, where the Golden State Warriors practice.

It should come as no surprise that basketball fans were eagerly gathering near any location with Game 5 on, among them were undoubtably some of our fellow attendees.


NCIA isn’t all business all of the time, there was plenty of time to catch Game 5

Those watching  knew by the fourth quarter knew that it was Golden State’s game but were still thrilled for the win.  Oakland is a home to champions and, if we can get out to it, we just might be able to check out the parade.

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