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NCIA Oakland

NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo 2017 in Oakland California was fantastic!Is there any doubt that we loved this conference? There shouldn’t be.  It was a tremendous opportunity to meet and connect with some amazing, knowledgable people in the industry! We are definitely looking forward to the opportunities that networking at an event like this offers but beyond that it was an amazing experience to be in Oakland when the Golden State Warriors won the championship, you don’t have to be a fan of the team to love the experience of being in a city celebrating a championship.  

If that wasn’t enough we also had the pleasure of meeting the former president of Mexico and keynote speaker Vicente Fox who had a lot of interesting things to say about marijuana legalization and the current political climate.

We  love reconnecting with amazing authors who write about the industry like John Hudak.

The sessions were great and we especially found the Roadmap for Licensing Under MCRSA & AUMA in 2018 a valuable experience.  A shout out to Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director of California Cannabis Industry Association, for moderating a great panel which included Kurshid Khoja of Greenbridge Corporate Counsel; Lori Ajax, Chief of the CA Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation; and Avis Bulbulyan, CEO of SIVA Enterprises.  

Finally, a look back on this great event wouldn’t be complete with out mentioning the amazing Shoshana Silverberg from CannaRegs who is always a fountain of information and great to meet with at a conference.

Things have been so busy with the preparations for the July 1st Recreational Roll Out here in Nevada that it has been hard to find the time to share our experience at the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit, so we are glad we were able to share this experience on a Throwback Thursday!

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